Silent diesel generator setКомплекты Бесшумный дизель-генераторных
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Product description:The silent type diesel generator set is the fruition of inheritance and innovation of our company. The canopy is designed with scientific calculation, and adopts the advanced noise lowering technology and sound-absorbing material to reach the intention of sound insulation, sound absorption and vibration isolation to control the sound level in standard range. Its main characteristic is that the canopy can be combining type which is convenient for maintenance and operation. Its significant low noise performance to make the noise level is 75dB(A) at 1 meter from the generator set. High efficiency lowering noise multiple air intake and exhaust and its air passage make engine has sufficient power performance. By the improvement of the common base frame structure and high efficiency shock absorber lower the vibration . It is widely used as prime or standby power in postal communications,hotel buildings, entertainment area, hospitals, shopping malls and mining enterprises which are strict to noise level.
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静音型柴油发电机组是我公司继承与创新的结晶, 箱体经科学计算设计而成,利用先进的降噪技术和吸音材料,达到消声、隔声、吸声、隔振的目的,将噪音控制在标准允许的范围之内。主要特点是机组箱体可选用组合式,既便于安装维修,又坚固耐用;显著的低噪声性能,机组噪声限值75dB(A)(距机组1m处)高效降噪型多路进排气,进排风通道,保证机组充足的动力性能;通过公共底盘结构的改进,高效减震器的选用,将机组震动减小到最低。广泛应用于邮电通讯、宾馆大厦、娱乐场所、医院、商场、工矿企业等对环境噪声要求严格的场所,作为常用或备用电源。 



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