Marine Generator SetДизель Группа двигателя
Product categories:Generator Set
Product description:Marine generator sets are equipped with marine diesel engines of Cummins, Weichai, Deutz, R Series, 95 Series etc. and famous brand marine alternators of Marathon MP(X)-H Series, Siemens IFC Series, Lanzhou Electric TFX-H Series, Sunvim SVH and T2H Series, Tellhow SB-HT Series etc. The marine generator sets have the characteristics of rational and beautiful structure, easy operation, simple maintenance, economic power and excellent property. The customers can choose ordinary types marine generator sets and we can also produce 3-protection type, 4-protection type, audible and visual alarm, alarm stop device, servo motor speed regulation mechanism, parallel device, automatic starting device, three remote control device etc. Our marine generator sets are ideal watercraft electric sources for inland water transportation, luxury yachts, speedboat, marine culture and fishing etc.
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